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Diabetes Education and Support

Diabetes Education and Support

Have recently been diagnosed with Diabetes?  Are you needing a refresher or help to get your Diabetes back on track?  You have come to the right place.   We can help you to understand your Diabetes, explain your recent pathology results and answer the many questions you will most likely have.

Our goal is to help you to 'fit' Diabetes into your life as much as possible, rather than feeling like Diabetes has taken over! Overtime you will learn the tips and tricks of living with Diabetes, explore the wide range of foods available , the lifestyle and medications options that can help you more easily manage your Diabetes. You will learn about the potential health impacts of Diabetes and feel confident about how you can try to avoid these.

We can tailor the length and frequency of your appointments to suit your individual needs.  Initial appointments are usually scheduled for 60 minutes to ensure we have enough time together to answer your questions and share the information you need.  Thereafter review consultations are scheduled for 30 – 45 minutes according to your needs.  We also offer telephone or video (telehealth) consultations and afterhours appointments. 

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