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You may be wondering – Do I really need to see a Dietitian? 

The answer is no - not everyone needs to see a Dietitian.  Our Diabetes Educators are well equipped to help you understand the general Dietary guidelines and healthy eating patterns to manage your Diabetes.  However, when it comes to really understanding foods and getting the tips and tricks of the trade – you can’t go past the experts.   

Our Dietitians eat, sleep, work and dream about food!  They will explore your usual dietary preferences - your likes and dislikes. They will discuss any food intolerances you may have and help you to manage co-exisiting health conditions such as high cholesterol or Coeliac disease.    

When you speak with our Dietitians you will be pleasantly surprised to discover the enormous range of healthy foods available and that those ‘not-so-healthy’ foods can still be enjoyed..  You will develop healthy habits when caring not only for your Diabetes but your overall health.

So – going back to that original question “Do I need to see a Dietitian?… not everyone needs to see a Dietitian but once you have met our Dietitians, we find that everyone wants to see them again!  That new experience of health and vitality is well worth it. 

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