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Face to Face,  Telephone or Telehealth Available

Face to Face, Telephone or Telehealth Available

We offer a range of flexible options to suit you best.

Traditional Face to Face Appointments are available at our Diabetes Care Centre, 50 Bondi Avenue, Frankston. Our clinic is easily accessible from Peninsula Link, Frankston Freeway or Monash Freeway.

Telephone Appointments also offer a valuable opportunity to support you to manage your Diabetes. You may find that your work or life schedule prevents you coming to our clinic - we can easily accommodate you using regular telephone services. These services are supplemented by posting or emailing you relevant information to support your care and understanding.

Tele-care using a videolink via your computer or phone is another highly effective means of meeting together. We chat over a dedicated video consulting site where we can not only visually see each other, but can also share documents and information sheets on screen as we speak. If you are interested in Tele-care but anxious about how to use it, please ask us. We will step you through a trial run so you now how to connect when your appointment comes around.

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